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Walk On The Wild Side, Barnoldswick, 6th July

The summer episode of, Walk On The Wild Side, was held in Barnoldswick, or Barlick, as the locals call it, on Sunday 6th July. Barnoldswick, which is in Lancashire, borders Yorkshire and despite the fact that Yorkshire was gripped by the fantastically, fabulous, fervour that was Le Tour De France - and rightly so, what an historic and momentous occassion - what a fabulous turn out we had! Huge thanks, from Danielle and myself, to everyone that joined us and made the walk the amazing experience it was. The route took in country lanes, open fields, wooded streams (?) and parkland.The plants we focused on included; Ramsons, Meadowsweet, Hogweed, Ribwort/Broad-Leaved Plantain, Cleavers, Common/Wood Sorrel, Pignuts, Elder, Vetch and Wild Rose

This shaded little lane still had Wild Garlic Seeds prime for the picking. A sampling of sweet pickled Wild Garlic Seeds had to be had.

I'd taken along some pickled Hogweed Seeds for sampling, yet none of the Hogweed along the lane had actually c…

Introductory Wild Food Walk, Saturday 28th June

Fabulous turn out on Saturday 28th June (fully booked!). Big thanks to such a wonderful group for helping make the event so enjoyable. Quite an international feel to it aswell, had folk from New Zealand, South Africa, France and Australia, great to have so many folk from different countries interested in wild foods in the UK. Plants along the route included; Elder, Raspberry, Nettle, Hogweed, Hemlock Water-Dropwort, Common/Wood Sorrel, Reedmace, Oyster Mushroom

The wonderful and amazing Elder (Sambucus nigra) has many stages of use, buds, flowers, berries and so many uses (book on a walk to find out more...). It would be so very rude not to dedicate time to discuss it. Don't forget to ask permission from the spirits before harvesting though :0)

Sampling, Elder Buds pickled in Sweet Magnolia Vinegar and Colsfoot Vinegar (left). Elder buds can be used in a variety of dishes.

It's great knowing what's edible but so important knowing what's not edible! Here, we are discus…