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A Walk On The Wildside

A Walk On The Wildside, the first of a series of co-hosted walks by Edible Leeds and Danielle Kay, Medical Herbalist (Wise Woman Herbalist), was a great success. The day was spent looking at the edible/medicinal delights to be discovered among the riverbank and grassland beside the gently meandering and beautiful River Wharfe in Otley. Danielle brought with her, a range of homemade tinctures and fresh wild herb teas, added perfectly to the multi-sensory experience of the day. Along the way and toward the end of the walk, time was made available for the group to forage for fresh, wild herbs, foliage and flowers. Some of these were cooked up fresh on the banks of the river and others were included in a fresh, Wild Green Salad. Adding to the overall, happiness, wildness, energy and freedom of the day, as we sat to prepare our wild feast the sunshine burst through, scattering the clouds, bathing us with warm, radiant rays - perfect!

Discussing the properties of Cleavers                  …

Keswick Foray

A few questions that I'm often asked on my wild food walks are, How did you get into foraging, how long have you been foraging and why do you forage? Admittedly, the more I learn and discover the more i realise that I am in my 'infancy' in regards to my 'wild food journey' (that's not to say I don't know much, in reality I know a considerable amount, but there is, in my opinion, always scope to learn and discover more, to further enhance my skills set, thus enabling me to teach my learnings and experiences to others attending my walks to further enhance their learnings and experiences on their 'wild food journeys' and that they may do the same in return - a cycle of experince, learning, teaching and understanding and making connections). I hope that those of you who read this see it in the positive that it is :0)

With this in mind, I drove up to the Lake District on, Wednesday 16th April - Friday 18th April. I had arranged to meet up with fellow fo…