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Anglesey Forage Weekend. July 2017

Part 1. Saturday 22nd July.
There are many fantastic locations around the UK for foraging - I'll not delve into all those but I'll write a little something up at a later date - and whether you choose to start on your doorstep (always a good place) or, head to the woods, meadows and waste grounds, eventually & hopefully, you will explore the joys of coastal foraging. For me personally, all foraging has it's place. I generally avoid pinning myself to 'favourites', as all aspects of foraging have something to offer and (avoiding favouritism here), coastal has a certain air of 'special appeal' about it.
I wrote some blurb for the introduction section of my coastal recipes page &you can read that here:

Anglesey has an energy, allure and delight that just appeals to the visitor, whether you are there for adventure, relaxation, nature immersion, history, culture, or whatever…