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Is There Such A Thing As A Free Lunch?

It was with some initial hesitancy that I agreed to meet up with a journalist last Tuesday (22nd May). My hesitancy stemmed from the media's all too often negative views/stance on foraging & wild foods. That said, there are many quality articles (on foraging) and journalists out there who take their role more seriously than those that tend to, on a daily basis, generally espouse misinformation, fear and sensationalism to the masses (poss.  ibly for fear of not making it in the industry). Quality journalists are usually and especially from more independent and exploratory media agencies. Fortunately for me, both the journalist, Ethan Shone and the Leeds based magazine he writes for, The Overtake, are independent and actively exploring the world of 'whatever' while reporting back in a fair, open-minded and positive style. Here is a link to the online publication that followed our meeting and wild woodland cook-up: If …