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Flowers & Herbs

Discovered a couple of varieties of Magnolia tree yesterday while out harvesting for a batch of Easter Ledge Pudding (

Magnolia petals, sorrel, wild garlic/flowers, garlic mustard, ground elder, pickled barberry blosoms, a few drops of rowan shoot syrup. Strong & bold tastes/flavours; bitter, sweet, sour, acid & ginger, spice, pepper, warmth.

4 Days In Dumfries & Galloway

Those of you that have read my earlier posts will have seen that in April 2014 I journeyed to the Lake
District to meet, Mark Williams of Galloway Wild Foods (see earlier postings). My reason for doing so initially stemmed from a desire to get about more, meet various folk from the wild food community to learn, share skills and generally do some networking. I deem this an important facet for my own professional development but have since found it to be more deeply enriching than I could ever have imagined.