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As part of the summer long family fun activities, Leeds City Art Gallery and Edible Leeds are proud to present...

ROUTEY FRUITY- A treasure hunt with a fruity twist

Pick up a map, explore the city, discover the fruits along the way, capture the fruity fun on your mobile phone and send pictures to the live screen in Artspace at Leeds City Art Gallery. Return to the gallery and see the photographs you have made and take part in a juicing session.

Thursday 29th August 2013, 11am-12.30pm and 1.30pm-3pm

Free, booking required, please email (0113 2478256) or for more info please email (07899752447)

Fungal Finds

A great variety of edible fungus has started appearing. I was out through the week and found the first Penny Buns (Cep/Porcini) of the season...very exciting as this is definitely one of my favourite fungus', a rich, deep flavour when fresh or in dried form and very versatile. Field Mushrooms seem to be more abundant than in the previous few years (or maybe i'm just striking it lucky this year with regards to locations). Horse mushrooms, Fairy Ring Champignons and Bay Boletes are also plentiful and delicious.